Board of Directors

A world where all people have access to education in science and sustainability.

MoSS is a portable museum that brings science and sustainability education to people in their own communities.
Science is for anyone with an interest about how their world works.
Sustainability is more than meeting the bar of recycling. It’s making the world, ourselves, and our society better.

Jeanne Jensen, PE- President of the Board:

Jeanne’s passion is for our communities, developing the best programs for the public, and ensuring that as a steward of public trust we are constantly exceeding the expectations of our citizens. She wants to help build strong communities that are resilient and poised to tackle the challenges of a changing world in a proactive, responsible manner. Her unique technical background provides her with a thorough and innovative approach to complex issues. Jeanne began her career working as an engineer for an agile water and wastewater design firm that put clients first. She furthered her passion through the Masters of Public Administration with a concentration on Urban Management. In addition to being the President of the Board of MoSS, she serves on AWWA’s Management and Leadership Division and Water Utility Council.

Trey Granger- VP, Secretary, Interim Treasurer:

Through his involvement with small businesses, Trey learned to wear many hats within an organization. His biggest strength is in communication, both in-person and through the development of website content and marketing materials. He has a strong background in writing, storytelling, and bringing an analytical and impartial perspective to all projects. Trey is proficient in several database softwares and believes the future of business development is largely tied to data and metrics. He has served as a spokesman for numerous companies, both in the media and at trade shows. .

Dana Sandoval- Exhibits Director:

Dana studied mechanical engineering at the University of Arizona. While there, she was taught that if you can’t explain something to a 6-year-old and your grandmother, you don’t really understand it. Consequently, she spent a lot of time thinking about how to explain the scientific principles that had flummoxed her in middle school. As part of the exhibits team at MoSS, she gets to offer those explanations to kids, parents, and teachers and show them that, at its core, science is beautifully simple, and they CAN understand it. Dana can usually be found pottering around her garden, reading science fiction and children’s literature, or teaching sewing at Refugee Focus in Phoenix.

Maura Goldsberry- Development Director:

Maura is a nonprofit professional and was recruited for MoSS after she worked with founder Disa McAlister on a number of other projects. Maura graduated from Vassar College with a BA in Economics, and then pursued graduate level degrees in law and accounting, but opted out of the corporate track to pursue a career in the nonprofit sector. Maura passionately believes that education is opportunity and more knowledge is always better and wishes that she had been more exposed to how much fun and interesting science and sustainability can be when she was a youngster. Maura focuses on developing community support for MoSS and adult programming. Outside of MoSS, Maura is involved with a number of nonprofit organizations in the Phoenix area including the Sandra Day O’Connor Institute and the Junior League of Phoenix and tries to spend as much time as possible with her dogs, Lucy and Artful Dodger “Artie”.

Sarah TeSelle- Administrative Director:

Sarah came to MoSS through her work with other non-profits and leapt at the opportunity to help make STEM learning fun while encouraging sustainable living practices. Sarah provides MoSS with administrative support; this ties in well with her background in small business where she was often the accounting department and the administrative support team unto herself. Sarah often wished the STEM subjects would have been more fun in school; then maybe she might remember the correct geometry formula when trying to do those pesky home repair and improvement projects! She has a B.S. in Marketing and Management from Oklahoma State University, an Accounting Degree from The University of Phoenix and her CPA license.

Disa McAlister- Founder and Executive Director:

Disa McAlister is the product of two scientists and is the founder of MoSS. She loves hearing people speak passionately about what they do, especially if the topic is bugs or inventions. She has been the license holder and head curator for TEDxMesa, worked with gifted youth, youth in crisis and children with special needs. She served on the Executive Committee of Greater Phoenix Mensa for several years, and is the current Assistant Regional Vice Chair serving Arizona, Colorado, Utah, Hawaii, Southern Nevada, and parts of California. She has a degree in Public Administration and is completing a Masters in Nonprofit Leadership and Management at ASU. Her favorite things include cloudy days and playing with her two kids.

Jennifer Gadzichowski- Marketing & Communications Director:

Jennifer has always been interested in Science which led to a BS in Biology from the University of Wisconsin. While opportunities arose that led her to a career in IT, she still yearns to share the knowledge and awareness of Science and Sustainability in our everyday world. She has fond memories of Bunsen burners in Organic Chemistry and dissections in Anatomy lab. Volunteering has been an important value to her and over the years has volunteered at hospitals, children’s organizations, pet shelters and helping the homeless. Away from the office, Jennifer enjoys getting outdoors, travelling new places and checking out the Phoenix restaurant scene.

Stephanie Baldwin- Human Resources Director:

Stephanie Baldwin SHRM-CP, PHR, Director of Human Resources, joined MoSS in 2015 with over 20 years of HR experience in both for and non-profit organizations. She believes that MoSS has the ability to bring accessible STEM learning to underrepresented populations in Arizona and looks forward to supporting their mission. In addition to volunteering with MoSS, she is a professor at ASU and an instructor the Lodestar Center at ASU. Stephanie hopes to help MoSS build a strong foundation while she is with the organization before departing for law school in Fall 2017.

Ms. Baldwin has Graduate Certificate in Educational Technology from George Mason University, a Masters of Education in Counseling-HR Emphasis from Northern Arizona University, a Bachelors of Science from Arizona State University and a Professional Certificate in Nonprofit Management from the ASU Lodestar Center.

DeDee Ludwig-Palit- Vice President of the Board of Directors:

Ms. Ludwig-Palit has been working in the field of informal education since 2000. Her work has included long-range strategic planning, internal and external program partnerships, teacher professional development, grants management, and program evaluation. Prior to her position as the Director of Education at Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation, she worked in the Center for the Advancement of Science Education at the Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago. In this position, she oversaw all aspects of educational programming for the school group audience, which served over 22,000 people annually.

Ms. Ludwig-Palit holds a B.A. in Anthropology and Communications from Purdue University and a M.Ed. in Curriculum Studies from DePaul University. She has previously served on the Board of Directors for the Museum Education Roundtable and the Chicago Public Schools Student Science Fair. She currently serves as a peer reviewer for the Journal of Museum Education (JME) and has co-authored and published an article in the JME titled Simulation for Authentic Learning in Informal Education. In 2016 she was selected as a program fellow for the Getty Leadership Institute Executive Education Program for the Next Generation of Museum Leaders.