STEM Saturday

Renewable Energy Recap Header
We had so much fun learning about electricity last Saturday (April 8th) at the Tumbleweed Ranch! It was ironic that we made electrical circuits on the porch of the century-old McCroskey House because the Edwards family never had electricity when they were living in it. But we’re really glad that […]

An Electric Recap

Written by Brigitte Lim In a few years, our non-renewable energy resources like coal and oil will run out. If this happens, how will we drive our cars, cook our food or switch on our lights? Fortunately, scientists, engineers, business developers, and the government have been developing technologies to harness […]

Renewable Energy

Science of Birds The Big MoSS
When we think of birds we often think of them soaring through the sky looking for prey, nesting, or just hanging out feeding at the backyard bird feeder. But, there are many birds that rarely if ever leave the ground. These flightless birds come in all sizes from Ostriches down […]

The Science of Birds

By Philipp Geiger When going to the ocean, all I can think about its getting in the water and body surf the waves. I am equally fascinated and frightened by the energy these waves carry. This love for waves in the ocean gave us the idea to have an exhibit […]