Old Time Communication Event Recap

Olde Time Communication BigMoss

By: Disa McAlister, Executive Director

This past weekend we debuted a new exhibit down in Chandler to a chill scene of 1880 style chuck wagons. It was a great place for foodies and history buffs alike. We witnessed 11 different chuck wagons competing over hot fires and blue grass music.

Our Ole’Time Communications Exhibit was designed by Alexis McKenzie, overseen by Exhibit Director Dana Sandoval.

The exhibit consisted of the following activities:

Chimpanzee faces:

Using a board with pictures of faces, attendees had to guess which faces/emotions the chimpanzees were expressing. Then they could practice the faces in a provided mirror.


Kids were invited to trace their own hands and color in the negative space. The result was a sort of negative image, where their hands left no color while the space around their hands were colored. They also practiced making stick figures and trying to guess a movie title based on modern day petroglyphs (icons and emoji’s).

Space Craft to Mission Control:

Using Legos and walkie talkies, “Mission Control” would communicate to the astronaut in the “space craft” which Legos to stack to repair their space craft using only the walkie talkie. It wasn’t as easy as it seemed! Using descriptive terms only, each side was unable to show the other what it was doing.

Carrier Pigeons:

Color a pre-drawn carrier pigeon, cut it out and tape it to a toilet paper roll. The roll is then attached to two strings anchored to the side of our tent. The strings are pulled in opposite directions as the pigeon “flies” towards its home.

Morse code:

Attendees wrote their names in Morse code and then tapped out the letters using dashes and dots.

Binary code:

Using a 4-bit system, kids were able to show their ages with 1’s and 0’s.

The Chandler Chuck Wagon Cook-off was attended by a few hundred people, plus a few family friendly canines. We are excited to take these six activities out into the community during the month of November to libraries, schools and classrooms.

To get involved, please reach out! We’d love to hear from you.

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