Clay Dough Circuit Science

Have you ever made your own clay dough, and added salt to the recipe? Did you know, that you could make an electric circuit with lights, batteries, and your homemade salted clay dough?

Table salt is made up of many very small sodium chloride molecules. When you mix salt into water, the salt molecules separate into positive sodium ions and negative sodium ions. So, if we connect the ends of rolled up salted clay dough to the positive and negative ends of a battery, the negative sodium ions from the clay dough will move towards the positive end of the battery, while the positive chlorine atoms move towards the negative end. These movements create a flow of electrons, or what we call an electric current. When this current travels through the light bulb, the current powers the light bulb up!

See it for yourself, join us at Tumbleweed Park in Chandler this April 8!

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